We Did the Math....Our Collection Gives You Over 73 Different Outfit Choices!

Posted by Emma May on

Well our founder didn't do the math, but our CFO did - and we trust her completely. With 12 pieces from our collection you can create 73 different outfits. 233 if you venture into the second color:)

SophieGrace was designed to take the thinking, planning and styling out of getting ready in the morning. When you invest in products from our capsule collection you are building a foundational wardrobe that will make getting ready for work super easy.  


Our products have been designed to pair perfectly. You can rest assured that our sweaters and tops will work with our pants and skirt. 


Our blazer can be thrown over our dress as well as any sweater or blouse. It pairs wonderfully with all of our bottoms for a fabulous suiting image. 

Our Emma Vest/dress is a glamorous trench dress with a fabulous tie closure. But it can also be styled as a vest - layered over a sweater and pants, our Ashley dress or a skirt and a blouse of your choosing. The length is designed to perfectly complement the length of our skirt and dress. 

When we were designing this collection it was incredibly important to us that every piece was simple and clean in its design so that it could stand on its own as a classic part of your staples wardrobe. But that simplicity and elegance is also what allows for the collection to mix and match seamlessly. 

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