Panel Perfect

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Have you ever sat in the audience of a panel or presentation and realized that you are looking right up the skirt of the woman presenting? (We are making the assumption here that this is not a “MAN-el” that you are attending.) 

Or worse you show up to presentation and realize that you are expected to balance precariously on the edge of a stool. You could sit on it and hook your heel under the footrest I suppose but that might involve flashing the audience or an ill timed faceplant. 

Well SG is here to help. Our entire collection is panel perfect! 

Our pencil skirt comes to the knee and won’t ride up when you cross or uncross your legs during a presentation. Our SmoothingStretch fabric is flexible and won't cut into your waist. Our back slit is professional and not too revealing while still allowing for your to move through the day in comfort. 

Our Ashley dress is also knee length. Stretch and perfect for any occasion. Style it with our blazer, cardigan or vest for added layers and details.  

Or you can choose one of our pant options that stretch in every way possible. Our Katherine trouser has a tab closure, pockets for your phone or keys and is a straight full length pant. 

So next time you get called upon to sit on a panel - has you covered.  

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