When your shoulders are the predominant feature.

Creating a balanced look when your shoulders are the predominant feature comes down to a few simple rules. The first and simplest is breaking up the area from shoulder to shoulder. The easiest way to do this is with necklines, whether a scoop, square, or v-neck. As long as you create separation with fabric and skin, the viewer's eye will not see the distance between your shoulders as one consistent line. If you already have a crew neck in your wardrobe, try breaking the line with a layered necklace or scarf. Avoid off-the-shoulder and boatneck tops. 

The second easy tip is to create balanced proportions by adding visual volume to your bottom half. This can be done with a flare, wide or straight leg crop pant and a bold shoe choice. The volume will balance attention with your shoulders, creating that desired silhouette. 


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