Carl's Top 5 Spring Accessories. Refresh Your Work Wardrobe.

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We recently did a photoshoot in the stunning Oxford Properties in downtown Calgary with Jenny and the fantastic team at Mas Studios. While the shoot was focused on pieces that can work on a petite frame, I was able to add my favourite Spring accessories to the wardrobe. 

During my In-Person Styling Sessions, clients will often ask me about how to accessorize. The common thread in the conversation is, "I just can't figure out how to wear them, so I don't bother." Fashion trends have become layered with different perspectives, making it harder to decide which ones best suit you. There are  always multiple ways to wear a trend. The key is finding the style that works for you.  


  1. Chunky Chains

When people hear chunky chains, they typically think of Punk or Hip Hop fashion. Yes, many inspirations came from those eras, but it doesn't mean you have to go that literal. Many labels are creating jewelry with subtle references to this trend giving you many options.

Again, it's all about finding the option that works for you. Proportion the volume of the chain to work with your frame. I wanted to do a sizeable chunky chain on Jenny and went with this larger link but with a thinner gauge wire. Tucked under the collar of our Buffy shirt, all the negative space between the links keeps it from overpowering her look. If you want to go with a thicker gauge chain, find it in a bracelet. This will keep it away from your face and from being the main focus, like I wardrobe here with The Amelia Tank. (eyewear from Chinook Optical)



  1. Scarves

I love scarves! They are great for a simple pop of colour, especially for you monochromatic lovers. If you tend to fear colour because you are unsure how to inject it into your wardrobe, start with a tone close to the neutral you like to wear. Something like a rich indigo if you lean towards blacks or darker earth tones, or pale blues and purples if you're into ivory. These will have a closer relationship to your neutral and not be jumping for attention. But if you are like me and love bold statements, the options are endless. A high contrast colour scarf will brighten any look, creating interest and bringing more notice. 

I keep the knotting simple with a quick fold to a 1.5 - 2" strip and a knot like I did here on Jenny with a beautiful Marimekko scarf from Gravity Pope. But if you want to get origami level, I support that decision completely!  Here is a link to some of my favourite techniques.


  1. Statement Eyewear

I'm not asking you to put a piece of modern art on your face, but if you are already wearing them boldly, I love you even more! Trends are showing a multitude of shapes and tints for the season. These Kuboraum frames from Chinook Optical that Jenny is wearing are stunning with the lens tint and modern frame shape perfectly complimenting  the simplicity of the Zaha dress

Finding your comfort zone is easy. If you are looking for new frames, whether it be for vision or sunglasses, find a great company that understands face structures because not every frame works on every face. Let experts guide you.  In Calgary, I always recommend Sphere Optometry or Chinook Optical to my clients - their care is impeccable! 

If you don't want to invest in new frames, I suggest going for a tint. Tinted lenses are a growing trend, so dig to the back of your junk drawer and find that pair of sunglasses that you stopped wearing but still love. Bring them to your local eyewear shop and request some tinted lenses. The tint doesn't need to be of colour; a slight gray or brown tint is enough to cut the glare and give that Sophia Loren vibe! I can't live without my rose-tinted glasses. I chose light pink for a few reasons. First, it makes everything brighter, great for staring at a computer and night driving.


  1. Loafers

Coming out of the lockdown, comfort has taken over how we dress and what we find acceptable. This is probably the reason that attracted you to SophieGrace. The Loafer is back, and its comfort level will keep them around for quite a while. It feels like every brand did their version, so the selection is vast, and I'm sure there is a pair perfect for you.  Our cropped Hamilton and Patsy pants are perfect to showcase this trend, letting the Loafer be seen in all its glory. 

If lift is what you will miss from your favourite pair of heels that look for a platform style like these Grenson, from Gravity Pope that I wardrobed on Jenny. The bold chain detail on the front gives classic in a modern way. 

Foot pains can be a huge deciding factor, but not to worry, brands like Clarks or Camper are creating modern styled loafers with their signature foot support. 


  1. Tote bags

Work bags can be tricky, you don't want something that looks like a work bag, but you need something that fits everything you need - enter the tote bag. The tote category is broad, and you would typically think of a casual canvas bag you get free with purchase, but the term defines the size and opening of the bag. This is perfect  for work as most will fit your computer and everything else you haul with you.

For a business look, because of size, I prefer these to be a solid colour and redirect interest with texture. I chose this puffer jacket-inspired tote by Aspesi from Gravity Pope because it still holds interest with a modern approach, complimenting the Ivory Violet blazer and hoodie combination. If you are more on the bold side of fashion and happy to have your bag steal the show, go for a solid saturated colour like kelly green or bubble gum pink. This, paired with a monochromatic look, will have you walking the runway in the office corridors. 



                                                                                                     ❤️  Carl

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