Love in the time of COVID19

Posted by Aaron Ellard on

We certainly do live in interesting times. 

I want to send a note out to everyone to firstly say STAY HEALTHY! and practice excellent social distancing.  

Over centuries humanity has dealt with pandemics, droughts, war and other life threatening challenges. In the western world we have been blessed to have been protected from so much of this over recent years. But now we face a challenge we have not seen in so long. Our collective humanity and health depend on it. 

As we all withdraw from physically being present with each other let's remember how blessed we are to live and love in a time of modern technology. We can see each other, talk to each other and message each other on a regular basis. We live in a time where we know that the best brains and talent are working hard to find both a vaccine and a cure.  

As we withdraw into our homes let's not forget that while this can be a time of fear and uncertainly - it can also be a time of great creation.  A time with our families, a time to paint, read, take photos, write, draw, finish that screenplay or plot your next business. Shakespeare wrote King Lear while in quarantine. 

And don't forget to Dance. Find some new playlists and shake your booty with the family. 


Some people are going to be feeling a lot of economic anxiety at the moment and the last thing I want to do is bombard you with emails asking you to purchase things.  Of course as the owner of a new business that just launched - I too am worried about the economic impact of all of this.  But right now what will be will be. 

As I mentioned in my last note we are suspending all pop ups. I am setting up our new showroom in Bridgeland in Calgary and look forward to sending you all images from there! It is going to be super cute. And we are going to still take one on one private styling appointments for anyone who wants one.  Social distancing built in. Hand sanitizer on hand. 

We are an online store and our supply chain has experienced no disruptions to date. Inventory is held in one location and, I, as the founder am personally packaging all of our orders out. I then drop them with Canada Post.  Some people will feel comfortable receiving packages at this time. Others won't. I am currently wiping down all of my incoming packages with Clorox wipes before I open them. 

Obviously we would still love for you to try our products but we understand if your shopping needs to take a pause. We will be here now and when the urgency of the current crisis passes. 

In the meantime - dance, sign, love, create.

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