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Our Values - Sustainability, Ethical Labour Practices and Continuous Improvement

When we started this company we wanted to build something that did things the right way and took into account the enviroment, our communities, our workers and our customers. These, as a collective, are our stakeholders. And we actively work on making decisions that benefit all. It isn't a static process, it is a continous one.

Sustainable Concept

SophieGrace is built on the concept that your wardrobe should give you mix and match separates that together create a multitude of options. Our belief is that high quality, well made products stay in your closet for a long time. We are anti-fast fashion.


There are some styles that simply age well. Like us:) Well cut, well designed pieces will stand the test of time in your wardrobe. Like this Ashley Dress. Women recognize it to be a staple.

OnShoring Production

We have moved 70% of our manuafactuing to a factory in Vancouver, B.C. In our commitment to continuous improvment we are looking forward to ensuring meeting the highest standards possible at our Asian facilities. We are ensuring we continue to meet the highest quality standards in all our prodcuts.

In Vancouver, all factory employees are on full payroll, receive benefits including health care, vacation, overtime and holiday pay. We are regularly in the factory and work with this sewing team everyday.

Yes, We Sell Out....

We are not fast fashion. We don't make more than we can sell. By avoiding large runs of product we avoid wastage. It is both good for the environment and for business. So be sure to get on our wait lists for pieces you covet. And be aware we pre-sell a lot of product too.

Built for Community

No one succeeds on their own. Our communities are what provide the foundation to our lives and successes.

Our first foray with community action came two months after we launched with a T-Shirt Campaign honouring health care heros here in Canada. In collaboration with Madame Premier we raised over $30,000 in one month. We donated to organzations across Canada who ensure food security for those in crisis.

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