We are SophieGrace. 

We design and manufacture elevated mix and match separates that make getting ready in the morning incredibly simple.

You have better things to think about than what to wear. Our collection is easy to style with designs that always match, are simple to care for, and feel amazing on your body. With SophieGrace you will always look and feel your best. 

Make Dressing Uncomplicated

Colour Consistency

Fabrics You Will Love

Our Founder

Our Mission

We'd also like to hear from you! What style or piece would you like to see us add to our collection next?

We all have our preferences. And as SophieGrace grows we want to ensure our customers are finding the pieces they love. Have you been searching for the perfect double-breasted blazer? Or a versatile pop-over blouse?

Let us know what you’ve been searching for. We love to hear from you: info@sophiegrace.ca