About SophieGrace


We’re Sophie Grace

Looking stylish and professional should be super easy. You have better things to think about than what to wear.

So we designed a collection that is easy to style with mix and match designs, simple to care for, and feels amazing on your body.


We were always jealous of how easy it is for men to get ready for work in the morning: throw on the suit and go.

Women haven’t had that opportunity — and it’s been both a blessing and a curse. So, we set out to create a collection that could be a deliberate, comfortable, and stylish “uniform.” We achieved it by focusing on simplicity and elegance in all aspects of our designs.


You know what drove us crazy? Inconsistent colour palettes with other brands. Why don’t they have one consistent ivory? Or one black? GRRRRRRRRR...

At Sophie Grace we custom dye all our fabrics so that our ivory is always the same tone: any ivory piece will match with every other ivory piece in the collection, now and forever. The ivory blazer you bought last season will match perfectly with the new ivory pant coming next spring. Putting together a monochromatic outfit is so easy you can do it before you put your contacts in.


We select fabrics that work on real women’s bodies, durable textiles that look — and feel — elegant and professional. Our bottoms have an element of stretch to smooth over the lumps and bumps. Collection sweaters are made with a soft, luxe cashmere blend without the price tag of cashmere. Our blouses drape like silk, resist wrinkles no matter how long you’re stuck at your desk and are machine washable.

Feel is a huge part of our design and selection process. As a result all of our pieces feel like butter on your skin.

Is there a style you would like to see us incorporate into the Sophie Grace Collection?

We all have our preferences. And as Sophie Grace grows we want to ensure our customers are finding the pieces they love. Have you been searching for the perfect double-breasted blazer? Or a versatile pop-over blouse?

Let us know what you’ve been searching for. We love to hear from you: info@sophiegrace.ca.