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We are SophieGrace

Our Story

We want women to win at work.

Our Mission

We set out to make it easy to always look your best. We design beautiful and comfortable clothes that mix and match easily so you can get on with what your true passion in life is. Maybe it's discovering the latest vaccine technology, arguring a case before a Superior Court, spending time with your kids, teaching a classroom of young minds, running for Mayor or launching your own startup. We know you have other things on your mind than spending 30 minutes in your closet trying to find the perfect outfit for the day. Something that doesn't feel like you are wearing a mask or a shapeless suit costume. Our commitment is to simplicity, timelessness, comfort and quality.

Simple elegenace

We Make Dressing Uncomplicated

We were tired of trying to find simple & elegant separates in a sea of fast fashion.

So we set out to create a collection that could be a deliberate, comfortable, and stylish “uniform.”

We achieved it by focusing on simplicity and elegance in all aspects of our designs.

In-house dying

Incredible Softness and Colour Consistency

All of our design process starts with choosing fabrics that feel unbelievably soft next to your skin. Then we custom dye them so that you can be guaranteed that your outfits from us will always match. When we commit to a pantone it is to ensure the ongoing workability of building our your wardrobe. The ivory blazer you bought last season will match perfectly with the new ivory pant coming next spring.

Putting together our outfits is so easy you can do it before you put your contacts in.

Watch for more colours to come!

Feel great with

Fabrics You Will Love

We can't do uncomfortable. But comfort doesn't need to be sloppy. We believe that our commitment to both elegance and comfort is what sets us apart. We select fabrics that work on real women’s bodies, feel like butter against your skin elegant and look incredibly chic.

Making working women's lives easier.

Our Founder

SophieGrace was founded on the simple principle of making working women's lives easier.

As an entrepreneur, activist, mom and real estate business leader (not to mention a former lawyer & political staffer), Emma May understands the challenges of wanting to look good while short on time.

Standing in her closet in 2018 she wondered why there wasn't a brand that focused on creating streamlined elegant mix and match staples. So she made one.

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