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We 100% agree Vogue Magazine! 2020 is the year to do more with less. And the capsule collection from SophieGrace was designed with EXACTLY this in mind. Our pieces are stylish and pragmatic - created to give you a simple and elegant workplace wardrobe that can be styled a multitude of ways. 
We all have those trusted pieces that we gravitate back to over and over again because they get the job done and look fantastic. I found that when I was getting ready for work I was always reaching for a few of my favourite items of clothing but wishing that they paired together better. It was this desire that gave birth to the concept of SophieGrace. I wanted those favourite items to match perfectly with all my other favourite items - thus making getting ready for work super simple. 
When creating this collection we made sure that our products hit the following criteria : 
1. They were all work appropriate. 
We wanted to ensure that our skirt lengths meant that you weren't flashing the table when you gave a presentation or constantly felt the need to pull it down. 
2. They were simple and refined in style. 
We wanted this collection to be about beautiful cuts and simple lines in order for the wearer of the clothes to shine. When you wear beautiful simple pieces it is YOU that stands out. 
3. Each piece needed to be able to be styled with most of the rest of the collection.
Obviously we don't need you wearing two pants together, but our collection is meant to be about mixing and matching coordinates in order to create a number of different outfits without actually ever having to think too hard about what to wear. Our customers are busy people, they need solutions and systems that deliver to them what they need so they can save their brain power for things like - you know - saving the world, humanity, surgery, justice - to name just a few.... 
4. We custom dye our fabrics to ensure our colour palette is consistent. 
Our goal is to offer you our styles in more colours than just black and ivory. We have our eye on the perfect midnight navy and mid grey. But we know how important it is for customers to know that when they buy a piece it will work well with other items in their wardrobe. Our commitment is that our navy will always be the same navy. So you can buy that skirt and know that the tops and blazers from us will always give you a perfect match. 
5. They are comfortable! 
You should not feel uncomfortable for most of your day. We sourced fabrics that are soft and feel amazing on your body. Our SmoothingStretch fabric that we use in our Ashley Dress, the Dorothy skirt and both our pant offerings is substantial enough to smooth over any lumps and bumps while still giving you stretch and range of motion like nothing else. Our trousers truly feel like yoga pants on, but look incredibly elegant. 
6. Easy to Care For.
Dry cleaning bills suck. We set out to ensure that nearly all of our collection is machine washable. And we did it. Our blazer is the only item in our collection that can't be washed at home. Everything else can be. Which means you can wash our collection in the hotel room sink and be fresh as a daisy for your next day of meetings. 
So yes VOGUE - you read our mind. Everything in this collection fits your goal of investing in quality, pared- back pieces you can wear time and time again. 
You're Welcome:)

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