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There is a trick they used to teach you when I was learning how to drive. This was over 30 years ago so who knows if it is something they still do – but I tell you it works!

Never let your focus drift to the oncoming lane.
Because you will be drawn to it, ultimately will steer into it and - crash. Head on.

For the past 20 years the USA has pointed to theocracies as an example of what happens when religious fundamentalism becomes the foundation of government. Since the horrors of 9/11, the Taliban and ISIS have consumed the nightmares of American culture. Thousands of young Americans have been sent to their deaths fighting wars in the name of freedom. Hundreds of thousands more Muslims have also paid with their lives.

A large part of selling these foreign engagements to the American public was the tagline that “freedom” matters. That women’s rights matter. That LGBTQ people matter. That the Church and State should be separate and that religious fundamentalism leads to oppression the likes of which would never occur in a liberal democracy.

And yet, it appears that America has been holding their gaze in the oncoming lane for too long now.

The leak of the Supreme Court Decision to overturn Roe v. Wade wasn’t a surprise to anyone who had been paying attention.

The battle for majority supremacy in the US Supreme Court has dominated elections in the country forever. And the reason was incredibly clear. For the Federalist Society and the socially conservative wing of the GOP this has been the ultimate goal for some time.
For reproductive rights advocates - the night Clinton lost was the beginning of the end of Roe and despite screaming this from every rooftop they could find they were poo pooed as overexcitable harpies.
Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, Barrett. The lock was in.

Permission was granted.

Over the past few months and years we have seen legislators in the US dive into a theocratic hot tub of antisex, anti woman, anti LGBTQ2, anti freedom and quite frankly - what should be viewed as aborantly Anti-American legislation.
-banning abortion in the cases of ectopic pregnancy
-arresting women who miscarry
-”don’t say gay”
-fights with Disney. (FFS it’s Disney!)

Sex is bad again Amercia. Sex and anything to do with sexuality is once again under attack.
But guns? No, guns are good.

Lock your women up, beat the gays and walk around with large weapons attached to your body.

Here’s the update America. You just let ISIS win.

You literally have driven head on into a Toyota Tundra full of AK47’s and preachers.

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