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Thanks to everyone who made it to our pop ups this past week. It was amazing to see our clothes on real life working women of all shapes and sizes.  I think our most favourite comment came from a friend who said that the clothes made her feel beautiful. She ALREADY is a beautiful lady, but that she actually FELT it is why we created this line. 

We want you all to feel relaxed and beautifully put together every work day. 

We will be bringing our pop up to downtown Calgary Feb 5, 6, 7, at Mobsquad in the Edison building. Coffee will be on us. Stay tuned for more details.

And we will be in Edmonton Feb 28,29 and Vancouver March 6th. Looking forward to seeing you all then. 



One of the best things about the pop up was that it really gave us a chance to see how the product is fitting and to be able to identify fit features that can help you pick the perfect size for you online. 

For example- we notice that people are sizing up in the Audrey Cigarette Pant because it is fits a bit higher on the waist than the Katherine Trouser. We have incorporated all of our fit notes into the product pages in order to help you pick your perfect size.

If you have any more specific sizing questions please do reach out to us at We are more than happy to answer all of your questions regarding fit, fabric, styling, where to order the perfect pizza from and how to manage a household. (Kidding - we still are working on the household management thing....)  And yes, we will always exchange your purchase for a preferred size if you do want to try for a better fit even after ordering. 





A CEO in Silicon Valley who is a single mom of 10 year twins wrote a 1000 word job posting for a nanny/housekeeper/household manager and it has since gone viral. For both the right and wrong reasons. The posting itself details the duty of the job in great depth. From organizing the home, to cooking organic food, vacation planning, camp sign up, playing ball with the kids and professionally communicating with friends, other nannies, teachers etc this job listing is VERY SPECIFIC. And lots of folks wanted the opportunity to pile on about how this was an incredibly elitist and demanding posting. 

Slate Magazine tracked down the CEO in question and you can read the interview with her here - 

What we love most about this story though is that it highlights exactly how hard moms work - whether they stay at home or work outside of the home. This job posting is one of the best breakdowns of what the expectations are for many modern families. Arranging daily meals around allergies, getting in line for in demand camps, teaching kids appropriate coping skills, booking holidays on points, spreadsheeting, meal planning... there is always an ongoing list of family optimization tasks that pile up. So kudos to this mom - who knew exactly what she needed to make things run a little smoother - and who was willing pay a living wage to the person up to the task. 


Shocking actually - but Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon made a statement at the Davos World Economic Forum that the bank would no longer take public companies that had ZERO diversity on their Board. Access to capital really does influence decisions and so we hope to see this move followed by other big banks. There always seems to be push back against quotas -- often from those who would benefit from them as no one wants to feel like a token -- but this move from those with the $$$$ is a good incentive to get board governance teams on track to a more diverse, sustainable and profitable future. 











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