How We Came About? By Our Founder, Emma May

Posted by Emma May on

Like a lot of working moms, I was used to getting dressed for work in the dark, while making breakfast for my kids, packing lunches and fielding 7am conference calls. (Ok, my lunches sucked. And pouring cereal is my forte.  Just ask my kids...)

But in that moment the last thing I needed to think about was what to wear. Not that it didn't matter -  as a professional woman I knew that what I wore would be noticed. I just had more pressing things to think about and didn't have 30 minutes to devote to styling that days' "look".

So one day when I was standing in my closet changing out of my jeans and t-shirt and into something that was appropriate for a board meeting with some CEO's I wondered aloud why no one made a very simple work collection for women where everything was boardroom appropriate, matching and multifaceted. Why did no one make a collection where the pencil skirts, pants, blouses, sweaters and dresses could be intermixed to create a whole collection of perfectly awesome outfits that could be pulled together with little to no thought? Why did brands change their NAVY all the time??? Why did I have to rely on a whole slew of brands in order to put together ONE outfit? 

So we decided to set about making a collection for working women who are strapped for time but want to look elegant and stylish without investing a small fortune in high end designer brands.  After some "interesting" adventures we are ready to present to you SophieGrace.

We make clean, streamlined professional clothes in a consistent colour pallet. Our offerings are stylish, modern, comfortable, easy to care for and work together so you can build a wardrobe that makes travel easy and helps tackle executive decision fatigue. 

We want to make getting ready for work seamless and easy. If fashion isn't your jam we want you can use that giant brain of yours for things other than what to wear - but still know that you look great and professional.

We want you to slay your day. 




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