A Note About the Devastation in B.C.

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The past week has been brutal for many of the residents of the Province of British Columbia. Our team is based in Calgary and Vancouver and communities that have been impacted by the severe flooding are the communities that literally link us together. The tragedy is continuing to unfold and just this morning we are learning about more loss of life from mudslides. 


In 2013 my community and home were flooded out in Calgary. I know how it feels to see the water rising and to wonder if you are going to be able to keep your family and animals safe. And, sadly, I also know that recovery takes much longer than expected. The waters retreat, the volunteers go home and you are left managing insurance, government recovery programs, and the trauma and fear of wondering if you will ever feel truly safe in your home again. My heart goes out to those of you who are struggling with this at the moment.  


After the flood I worked with a number of my community members to help steer government into looking at proper protection and mitigation measures. It was a project that consumed me for years and I am pleased to say that after the incredible efforts of many volunteers, incredible government workers (YES!!! I mean it - we are blessed to have some unbelievable technical talent in our governments) mitigation is happening and we are better preparing our community for the uncertainty of the future. This is a time for intelligent hard working people to come together to create lasting sustainable solutions. It is bigger than one flood. This is a major failure of infrastructure province wide and focuses us on building something better going forward. It must be a sustained effort. 


But it was a lot of work and I write this nearly 9 years after the fact. These are times when the best of our systems pull together and we are reminded what community is. 


In this case in B.C. though the impacts of the damage are much more far reaching and we are all still struggling to understand how this event will impact supply chain in both the short and long term.  Food security is clearly paramount but as a business owner I am watching to see how this might impact our ability to get our customers their packages.  Most of our shipping happens to Western Canada happens by ground and there may be some delays.  I had a package coming to me in Calgary from our warehouse and it was meant to arrive last week but it will be next week according to Canada Post tracking. Upgrading shipping will go air. Shipping to the rest of Canada and the US should not be impacted.  There are some communities in BC that are still completely shut off. We will be monitoring this and will update shipping delays as we learn more about them.  And, really, we understand that our goods may not be prioritized in this moment! 


We are also looking into how as a company we can best help. This is by no means something that is going to be over in a week or two and the needs of the communities are going to be ongoing. Stay tuned for more information on this as we plan. 


Be safe. Be kind. Have Hope. 

With love from the team at SG


Emma, Lisa, Carl, Therese, Jess, Elle, Annou.


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